2022 General Assembly

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May 11, 2022
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2022 General Assembly

The General Assembly will meet, God willing, on Monday 23rd May at Liberton Kirk, Kirkgate, Edinburgh, EH16 6RY. The Assembly will commence with public worship conducted by the retiring Moderator at 6.00pm. Following the election of a new Moderator the Moderator’s reception will be held in the Kirkgate Centre at Liberton.

The Moderator’s address on Tuesday morning is always an important moment in the Assembly and often sets the tone for what is to follow. The Assembly arranges its own timetable but certain items of business have well established slots in the proceedings. The Welfare of Youth & Education Committee will present their Report on Tuesday evening and this always includes the presentation for Sabbath School prize-winners. On this occasion one of our young friends is unable to be present on Tuesday and will receive her award on Monday.

On Wednesday morning the attention of the Assembly turns to matters of faith and morals and the Public Questions, Religion & Morals Committee have once again produced a challenging Report focusing on topics such as current legislative plans in parliament, abortion, and the war in Ukraine. The Missions night on Wednesday evening is always popular and this year will include reports from our own mission areas and an address by the Home Mission Worker.

With restrictions on travel having eased we are delighted to welcome visiting delegates from sister churches in other parts of the United Kingdom and North America. We also anticipate visits from representatives from the Trinitarian Bible Society and the Scottish Reformation Society.

It is always an encouragement to Commissioners to have the presence and fellowship of members of the public and we would hope that a goodly number of them will also be able to make their way to Liberton.

For those unable to attend it is expected that the proceedings will be broadcast and a link will be provided once arrangements have been finalised.

The Assembly Reports are available here.