Abort Abortion Campaign – BREAKING NEWS

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November 24, 2021
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Abort Abortion Campaign – BREAKING NEWS

Readers will be encouraged to hear that on Friday 26 November 2021, we travelled to Edinburgh and personally delivered to the Postmasters at the Scottish Parliament, packages for all 129 lawmakers at Holyrood.  These packages contained unambiguous and alarming, factual evidence that abortion is conclusively the killing of an unborn baby in the mother’s womb.

Part of the evidence is a 28-minute anti-abortion film called The Silent Scream, narrated by Dr Bernard Nathanson – the doctor who aborted 75,000 babies in his abortion clinic in New York, but stopped when he came to his senses! Coming to realize he was guilty of murder the doctor acknowledges on the film that abortion is a violent crime.   He also solemnly states: “Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.”

This correspondence will, very likely, be the first item to be opened by the 129 politicians this week, as it had on the package front cover, written on labels – URGENT & HAND DELIVERED.  For your prayerful interest and information, a copy of that letter now in their hands can be downloaded here.  Politicians in Scotland, currently holding office, have never been formally presented with this DVD film, for their serious consideration – so this has now been put right.

Separate letter

As far as we could ascertain, there are sadly only four politicians at Holyrood who publicly profess faith in Jesus Christ, two Conservative members, and two SNP members.  A further separate letter was sent to each, urging them to fulfil their legal obligations and moral responsibilities – from a Christian & Biblical perspective – and cry out loudly to abolish the abhorrent abortion act in Scotland.

Part of this letter, sent to these four-professing members, said:

“I trust you will appreciate that the heart-wrenching content of the correspondence now in your hands cannot – under any circumstances – be overlooked or dismissed as unimportant or trivial.  It is a desperately serious issue and needs your personal, and urgent, attention.

“It’s hard to grasp the scope of the destruction of human life without being exposed to photographic evidence.  The feminist author and abortion-advocate, Naomi Wolf, is on public record as stating: ‘How can we charge that it is vile and repulsive for pro-lifers to brandish vile and repulsive images if the images are real? To insist that the truth is in poor taste, is the very height of hypocrisy.’

“As a professing Christian, I am sure you take God’s infallible Word seriously and believe that every person is made in the image of God, with a life of value from conception to death. We are solemnly reminded in Exodus 20;13, that the deliberate taking of human life is a breach of the sixth commandment: ‘Thou shalt not kill’ while in Proverbs 6:17 we read that, ‘God hates hands that shed innocent blood.’

“I don’t need to spell it out, but having cruelly aborted 520,000 innocent unborn babies in Scotland over 54 years, since abortion was legalised in 1967, we have blood on our hands!  Yes, the blood of 520,000 infants.  Surely, surely, it is now high time Scottish politicians gave a listening ear to the silent scream of our vulnerable unborn children and abolished abortion.  This reprehensible practice cannot be allowed to continue, abortion must be aborted.

“After investigations, I am reliably informed that the process of repealing the Abortion (1967) Act in Scotland begins by initiating a debate on the chamber floor at Holyrood.  While it would be wonderful if a deeply troubled lawmaker at the Scottish Parliament would initiate such a debate, I would have more confidence and trust in one of the four Christian members (of which you are one) launching it.

“We desperately need godly political figures of unflinching principle, courage and moral integrity, like Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon, at Holyrood who will dare place their heads above the political parapet and make a God-honouring stand against what is abysmally wrong and shameful.  Abortion is a stain on Scotland’s history, and we must begin to wash it away.

“As a Christian member of the Scottish Parliament, you have the political power none of us have.  I sincerely hope and trust that, under the mighty hand of God, you will do everything in your power at the debating chamber at Holyrood to repeal the Abortion (1967) Act in Scotland.

God’s intervention

The words once penned by Francis Schaeffer cannot be ignored: “Since the Bible teaches that life in the womb is human life, one cannot accept abortion without denying the authority and truth of scripture in practice…State officials must know that we are serious about stopping abortion, which is a matter of clear principle concerning the babies themselves and concerning a high view of human life.”

Friends – please, please pray for God’s intervention, that He would awaken the consciences of heartless politicians to seriously consider the ‘abort abortion’ evidence presented to them.  Yes, humanly speaking, this may seem an almost impossible task, but our God is able to do all things – as we are reminded for our encouragement in Luke 18v27: ‘The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.’