Minister: Vacant
Interim Moderator: Rev. Andrew R Allan
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Sabbath Services

Location & Directions
Service Time(s): 11:00 am & 6:00 pm

The church is located at corner of Culrain Street.

Sabbath School meets during the morning service; Adult Class meets at 12:40 pm.

Prayer Meeting

Location & Directions
Service Time: Wednesday, 7:30 pm

Prayer Meeting is held at the church in summer months; otherwise in a home.

The church is located at corner of Culrain Street.

Communion Seasons

2nd Sabbath in May and 3rd Sabbath in November

Contact Information

Mailing Address: Free Church Manse, 191 Sandyhills Road, Glasgow, G32 9NB, United Kingdom

Interim Moderator: Rev. Andrew R Allan
Session Clerk: Mr. Ewan W Wilson
Sabbath School: Mr. Alan M Wilson

There is a long history of witness to the Reformed Faith in this part of the West of Scotland east of Glasgow. The covenanting movement had many supporters in the district, and after 1690 a Cameronian congregation was organized with its western end at ‘Sandhills near Glasgow’. This body used a meeting-house in Sandyhills Road until 1819. Rev. John McMillan, organiser of the Cameronians is buried in the old parish churchyard. Rev John Thomson was parish minister of Shettleston, and resigned from the establishment at the Disruption of 1843. After worshipping in a barn and a temporary building, the congregation built a new Free Church at Sandyhills in 1850. The Carntyne Mission became in 1890 the second Free Church charge in Shettleston. In 1900, both ministers joined the Union, together with most of the people. A remnant from Carntyne persisted in loyalty to the Free Church, and built the present building in 1909.