Knock & Point

Minister: Vacant
Interim Moderator: Rev. Iain Smith
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Sabbath Services

Location & Directions
Service Time(s): 12:00 pm & 6:00 pm

There is currently no Sabbath School.

Prayer Meeting

Location & Directions
Service Time: Wednesday, 7:30 pm

Communion Seasons

4th Sabbath in April and 4th Sabbath in October

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 25c Swordale, Point, Isle of Lewis, HS2 0BP, United Kingdom

Session Clerk: Rev. Iain Smith
Deacons' Court Clerk: Mr. Calum Macleod
Treasurer: Mrs. Christine Macleod
Sabbath School: Mr. Calum Macleod

The Knock congregation began with the Parliamentary Church built at Knock in 1829, with the charge being declared quoad sacra in 1833. After the Disruption the centre of worship of the newly-formed Free Church congregation was established at Garrabost, but the congregation retained the name of ‘Knock’ Free Church.

A new church building was completed in 1886, and the congregation worshipped there until deprived of the building in 1900 after the Union Controversy. The congregation built another church in 1902, made up mostly of corrugated iron, and called by the locals ‘The Iron Church’. The original stone church had fallen into disrepair when it was returned to the congregation and as a result the congregation continued to worship in the Iron Church until 1924, when it was decided that rather than repair the Iron Church, the stone church would be restored.

The Point congregation was disjoined from Knock and established as a separate charge in 1963. The first minister, Rev. John MacSween, was inducted in 1966.

The ministers of both the Knock and Point congregations in 2000 did not associate themselves with the Reconstitution of the Free Church.

At the October 2000 Commission of Assembly the congregations of Knock and Point were consolidated into a single charge.

The congregation has built a new place of worship which was opened in April 2012.