Minister: Vacant
Interim Moderator: Rev. William Macleod

Sabbath Services

Location & Directions
Service Time(s): 11:00 am & 6:30 pm

Services are held at MacKellar's Hall (relayed from Glasgow–Knightswood).

For further details contact the Interim-Moderator, Rev. William Macleod.

Prayer Meeting

Location & Directions
Service Time: Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Prayer Meeting is held at MacKellar's Hall (relayed from Glasgow–Knightswood).

Communion Seasons

Jointly with Glasgow–Knightswood, 3rd Sabbath in May and 1st Sabbath in September

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 25 Branklyn Crescent, Academy Park, Glasgow, G13 1GJ, United Kingdom 0141 959 0292

Deacons' Court Clerk: Mr. John N Gillies
Treasurer: Mr. John Szulc

When the Declaratory Act was first brought to the General Assembly in May 1891 a number of opponents of the Act withdrew from various Free Church Congregations on Bute and began meeting in a hall. They asked Rev. A M Bannatyne, who had demitted his charge in Aberdeen, to be their pastor. In 1905 the Free Presbytery of Glasgow appointed a delegation to meet with this group and take the necessary steps to regularise matters and establish the Free Church of Rothesay continuing. On 27th December 1905 Rev. Alex Stirling was inducted. Services ceased in 1997.

At the Reconstitution of the Free Church in 2000 the congregation was vacant. Services were resumed in 2001.