• Minister: Vacant


Dr John R MacKenzie, minister of St Mary’s quoad sacra church and many of his congregation came out in 1843. A church was built in George Street and opened in 1844. It was rebuilt and enlarged in 1892. The minister in 1900, Rev Charles McNeill, entered the Union and the congregation was vacant until the settlement of Rev George L Stewart in 1910. In a long vacancy after 1955 the congregation was kept going by one or two faithful members. Following various efforts at outreach Rev William B Scott was appointed to the work in 1982 and the congregation saw growth.

Services moved to the newly acquired Christian Brethren Ebenezer Hall in Lockerbie in March 2016.

Communion Seasons

3rd Sabbath in January, 2nd Sabbath in April, 3rd Sabbath in July, 2nd Sabbath in October.

Other Information

The official opening of Ebenezer Hall as the congregation's place of worship took place on 21st May 2016.

For further details contact the Interim-Moderator.