• Date Inducted: 2012


In Duthil a Free Church congregation was formed in 1843 and a minister called. The congregation had to worship for the first winter in the open air and the minister’s health broke down. Although a church was built in 1851 it was 1859 before another minister was settled. The charge was vacant in 1900 but the people who remained in the Free Church were able to call Rev Duncan MacDonald in 1910.

In Moy the minister and the people came out in 1843. Rev (later Dr) Donald MacLean, minister from 1897 to 1905, was one of the 26 ministers who continued in the Free Church after the Union of 1900.

Duthil and Moy were consolidated into one charge in 1951.

In Dores almost the entire population adhered to the Free Church in 1843 and the charge was sanctioned in 1845, a church and manse built and a minister settled in 1847. A second church (Bona) was built on the north side of the Ness.

In Stratherrick practically all the people joined the Free Church in 1843 and a minister was settled and a church erected in 1844. In 1900 the minister entered the Union.

In Daviot a church was built for accommodating the adherents of the Free Church and Rev Archibald Cook (brother of Finlay) was settled there in 1844. The minister in 1900, Rev Roderick Finlayson was one of the 26 who continued the Free Church. Stratherrick and Daviot were joined in 1932.

Duthil & Moy was consolidated with Stratherrick & Daviot and Dores in 1972 and became known as Duthil-Dores.

Communion Seasons

1st Sabbath in April and 2nd Sabbath in September.

Mailing Address

  • Free Church (Continuing) Manse
  • 21 Duke's View
  • Inverness
  • IV2 6BB
  • United Kingdom
  • 01463 262251