Our Church publishes a monthly magazine, the Free Church Witness. The Witness contains devotional, doctrinal, practical and historical items, as well as church news, comment and book reviews. The June issue is entitled 'Good News' and is intended for evangelistic purposes. There is a double issue for July and August which includes a report on the General Assembly held in May each year. The Witness includes the Explorer, a magazine for children.

We encourage subscription to the Witness and the details are as follows:

Subscription rates (including postage) for a year's issues of the two magazines mailed to one address are:
U.K.: £33.50 / Europe (Airmail): £35.00 / Overseas (Airmail): £40.00 Cheques/Postal Orders should be made payable to: 'Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)' Subscriptions and orders should be sent to the Subscriptions Secretary:

If you live within the UK and would like to receive a free copy of the latest issue of the Witness as a sample we are happy to send you one. Please e-mail your details to the Subscriptions Secretary at: subscriptions@fccontinuing.org