Knightswood Induction

2023 General Assembly
May 18, 2023
Presbytery of the Outer Hebrides Colloquium
September 9, 2023
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Knightswood Induction

Knightswood FC(C), 361 Fulton Street, Glasgow, G13 2SP.

A congregation of over 100 gathered in Glasgow for the induction of Rev. Calum Smith to Knightswood. His admission to the Charge on 11th August 2023 brought an end to the 21-month vacancy which followed the retirement of their previous Pastor, Rev. William Macleod.

Proceedings were presided over by Rev. Andrew Allan who preached a challenging and encouraging sermon from Joshua 1.  Israel were promised the land of Canaan as a gift from God, yet they had to fight for it.  This was a daunting task especially in the context of the death of Moses.  It was a new beginning for them and, in this context, the Lord provided encouragement for Joshua and the people.  Mr. Allan applied this to Mr. Smith and the Knightswood Congregation in particular.  He pointed out that God is all-powerful, promise keeping and always present with his people.  Trusting in these things, Joshua went forth with the Children of Israel to conquer Canaan.  It is with a similar confidence in God that both pastor and people must proceed.  In the face of the teeming multitudes in and around Knightswood who do not know the Lord, only God can strengthen them and make them fearless as they seek to be witnesses for him in this part of Glasgow.

Rev Calum and Mrs Muriel Smith

After the solemn Questions were answered by Mr. Smith and he had signed the Formula, Mr. Allan led in prayer and did, in the name of the Presbytery and by the authority of Christ, admit him to the pastoral Charge of Knightswood.  Thereafter, Rev. James Gracie addressed the new Minister, basing his remarks on Psalm 84:4,5,12.  He reminded Mr Smith of the great privilege which was his in labouring in the Lord’s house, and the need for total dependence on the Lord and his way of doing things.  When this is done, even Baca’s Vale, the vale of weeping, is turning into a pool.

Knightswood elder Mr. Geoge McMillan presents a gift to Mr. Smith.

Rev. Graeme Craig, who had been Interim-Moderator during the vacancy, then addressed the Congregation from 2 Corinthians 6:1.  They were reminded of the privilege of having a Minister, one who is an ambassador of Christ and thus, when faithful, speaks as if it is God himself speaking.  The Congregation should therefore pray and care for him, serve with him and encourage him as well as defend his good name.  They also have a responsibility to benefit from his ministry, by diligent attendance at the means of grace and application of the truth preached and in making use of pastoral visits by responding to the Minister’s questions as well bringing their queries to him.

Mr. Smith is pictured with the Knightswood elders, left to right, George McMillan, Alastair Manderson, and Session Clerk Murdo Campbell.

After the service, the Congregation retired to a nearby hall where they enjoyed the provision made and a time of fellowship.  The usual presentations were made and Mr Smith was warmly welcomed and people thanked for their help over recent months, especially those who had helped with regular supply during the vacancy and those who provided for the reception.  The evening was closed with worship led by Mr Smith.  It is our prayer that Mr. & Mrs. Smith and family will settle quickly in their new surroundings and that the Lord will use his ministry for the extension of His Kingdom in the populous district of Knightswood.

Some who attended the Knightswood Induction Fellowship