Where is the Holy Bride Today?

"It would be true to say that few churches today see well-defined church membership as biblically mandated"

The Ministry of the Burning Heart

"It is through His anointed ministers that souls are fed"

What has happened to Soul Exercise?

"Without soul exercise there is no evidence of life in the soul."

Renewing the Centre of Christianity

"The church must be satisfied with being the church according to God’s own priorities"

Is the Voice of God being Heard?

"There are ultimately only two voices in the world"

Does the Church need Repentance?

"The way of return to God is always by way of confession, humility and repentance"

Reversing the Trend in Modern Worship

Reformed Theology and Reformed Worship are one

A Casket without a Jewel

"A gospel without the Cross is indeed a casket without a jewel."

Have we Lost Hold of the Gospel?

"The true gospel is not a commodity."

The Erosion in Two Generations

"We must strive with all our might to be what the Church ought to be."

A Touch of the Grace of Humility

"It is the man who is poor in spirit and mourns for his sin who is humble."

Nine Marks of a Declining Church

Points to Ponder and Pray Over

Man’s Day and God’s Day: A thought for the week of the General Election

"The present is man’s day...God’s day is coming."

A Dead Calm or a Necessary Storm?

"Surely the sleepy times in which we live cry out for men with a mission and movements with a cutting edge."

Take Up and Read!

"It is a rare sight to see a Christian home with a bookshelf of Christian classics."

Oh for a Sense of God!

"The doctrine of a transcendent and holy God stands above everything."
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