Are We Taking Error Seriously?

"Reformed theology has always emphasized the centrality of the visible Church with its ministry, sacraments and government."

A Lesson from George Whitefield

"The sins of the church are far more offensive to God than the sins of the nation."

Motives to Pray for Revival

"Revivals have come at a time to give special encouragement to the people of God before the onset of persecution or other trials."

Lord, Restore the Glory: A Prayer for Scotland in 2014

"There is a tendency today for branches of the Church to be obsessed with numbers."

Recovering the Eternal Perspective

"The great need of the hour is that our lives and ministries be shaped by eternity."

The Church at the Crossroads

The need to return to the old paths of the Reformation and its foundation in the New Testament

Where is our Zeal?

Recovering a quality beneficial for Christian life and service

The Kingship of Christ

How Christ reigns in this world and the world to come
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