Man and Machine

New Technology – Old Idols

The Eschatology of the Psalter

Encouragements from Psalm Singing

The Immutability of God

Considering one of the attributes of God

The Holy Spirit: the only Effectual Reformer

In our eagerness to see a change, have we forgotten something?

Keep Yourselves in the Love of God

The only remedy for apostasy

The Only Glory that Counts

"God created the world as a theatre to display the glory of His Son in creation and redemption"

Bring Back the Law in Evangelism

"The sharp needle of the law makes way for the scarlet thread of the gospel."

Reversing the Trend in Modern Worship

Reformed Theology and Reformed Worship are one

Have we Lost Hold of the Gospel?

"The true gospel is not a commodity."

Wanted: Men with Vision, Conviction and Faithfulness

"We seem to be in a stalemate in church and state today."

Are We Taking Error Seriously?

"Reformed theology has always emphasized the centrality of the visible Church with its ministry, sacraments and government."

Glory from First to Last

"God will display His glory through His Son as the glorious Redeemer of His Body, the Church."

The Inspiration of Scripture

"Christianity makes the bold assertion that what is revealed in the Bible is absolute and uncompromising truth."

The Kingship of Christ

How Christ reigns in this world and the world to come

The Trinity

A brief look at a vital truth

Athanasius and the Person of Christ

Defending the Deity of our Lord