Nine Marks of a Declining Church

Illustration: Ruined church, Kilchoman, Islay
Photo credit: see below

Nine Marks of a Declining Church

1. Unawareness of the Lord’s displeasure against her and the extent of Satan’s deception.

2. Toleration of false doctrine and lack of discipline.

3. Widespread ignorance and theological illiteracy. 

4. Rampant antinomianism and disregard for the Lord’s Day.

5. Sensuality in worship, and the absence of the Holy Spirit.

6. Lack of the note of militancy and little sense of spiritual warfare.

7. Lack of order and government.

8. Low state of the ministry and the downgrade of preaching.

9. Neglect of Church history and forgetfulness of God’s mercies in the past.


Photo credit:
Ruined church, Kilchoman, Islay
By Peter Church
[CC BY-SA 2.0 (],
via Wikimedia Commons