How Shall We Sing The Lord's Song?

The church in captivity

The Holy Spirit: the only Effectual Reformer

In our eagerness to see a change, have we forgotten something?

Symptoms of Medieval Darkness Returning

Contemporary evangelicalism presents the gospel as if it was a commodity to meet man’s needs

Sin is Unchristian: Checks to Antinomianism

The Gospel makes full provision for holiness and no provision at all for sin

The Place of Scripture in the Reformation

"It was the Scriptures which made Luther the man he was"

The Faith that is True

Has your faith been tested?

Is it the ‘Me’ Generation?

How we need to learn that what we have of substance is nothing but reflected glory

No True Religion without the Fear of God

"The fear of God was supremely manifested in the perfect humanity of Jesus"

Keep Yourselves in the Love of God

The only remedy for apostasy

Where are the Reformers Today?

"Here I stand, may God help me"

What will Bring About the Desired Change?

"The ministry is a holy calling"

The Only Glory that Counts

"God created the world as a theatre to display the glory of His Son in creation and redemption"

Where is the Holy Bride Today?

"It would be true to say that few churches today see well-defined church membership as biblically mandated"

The Ministry of the Burning Heart

"It is through His anointed ministers that souls are fed"

What has happened to Soul Exercise?

"Without soul exercise there is no evidence of life in the soul."

Renewing the Centre of Christianity

"The church must be satisfied with being the church according to God’s own priorities"
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