When I Kept Silence

Text: Psalm 32:3
Rev William B Scott

The Diaconate

Text: Luke 10:25-37
Rev David S Fraser

The Bread of God

Text: Psalm 50
Rev James I Gracie

The Lord Jesus as a Preacher

Text: John 7:46
Rev James Clark

Contending for the Faith Today

Text: Jude 3
Rev David M Blunt

Lose Your Life

Text: Matthew 16:24+25
Rev Robert D McCurley

Feed The Flock of God

Text: Acts 20:28
Rev James Clark

The Blessings of the Church

Text: Psalm 132
Rev John J Murray

Be Faithful

Text: Revelation 2:10
Rev Andrew R Allan

Christ and the Covenant

Rev William Macleod

Justification By Faith

Text: Romans 5
Rev John Morrison

Biblical Consecration

Text: Luke 14:25-27
Rev Henry J T Woods

Biblical Separation

Text: Various
Rev James Clark

A Word of Encouragement

Text: Acts 8:5
Rev James I Gracie

Send Me

Text: Isaiah 6:8
Rev Gavin Beers

Fishers of Men

Text: Matthew 4:19
Rev James I Gracie

Living & Labouring in the Last Days

Text: 2 Timothy 3:1
Rev Timothy J McGlynn
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