Sri Lanka Mission Messenger July-August 2013

31 August 2013
  • Latest News from Parthee

Gospel Witness At Portree Square

24 August 2013
  • Portree Open Air Preaching

Preaching or Playing?

22 August 2013
  • "In recent years things have come into the life of evangelical and reformed churches which we never expected to see"

A New Heir to the Throne

31 July 2013
  • "Our fervent hope is that the new child will not only be a child of providence but also a child of grace"

A Nation Forsaking God

29 June 2013
  • "We have forgotten God’s mighty works, His past deliverances, His precious Word and His holy day"

The Church of Scotland General Assembly

28 May 2013
  • "In one breath the Church of Scotland has affirmed the biblical teaching on same-sex unions...and disregarded it!"

Zambia 2013 Video Report

18 May 2013
  • Andrew Allan Reports On His First Visit To Covenant College, Zambia

2013 Spring Conference Report

22 April 2013
  • Recent Spring Conference Voted A Success!

Same-Sex Relationships and the Ministry

22 April 2013
  • "The root of the problem is a rejection of the authority of Scripture or at best a denial of its clarity"

Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill

29 March 2013
  • "When we think about it the issues involved in this legislation are enormous and momentous"
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