A Removable Feast

21 April 2017
  • "As the emphasis on Easter increases, so the scriptural observance of the Lord’s Supper and the Sabbath decreases"

An Evil that must End

09 January 2017
  • "But what of the lives which ended last year that never blossomed or bore fruit?"

The Real Significance of the Ashers Ruling

05 November 2016
  • "In reality they have announced that the belief of secularism will override the belief of Christians"

A Strange Land

01 November 2016
  • "By now it is obvious that the rights of homosexuals are more protected in law than the rights of Christians"

Providence, Prayer and the Powers that be

20 August 2016
  • "Prayer is the forerunner of divine blessing; our need is to have the mind of the Lord"

Therefore Have I Spoken

08 January 2016
  • "What can we learn from the McConnell affair?"

True Light, True Peace

27 November 2015
  • "Are we listening to the rod, and who has appointed it?"

Choose Life!

16 October 2015
  • "Terminate a pregnancy and you terminate a child"

Unravelling Unbelief

03 August 2015
  • "We are religious beings and so we are bound to put our trust in someone or something"

Should we Pray for the Dead?

01 July 2015
  • “We may be sure that from the moment of their death believers are in paradise and with Christ"

Making Sense of the Election

04 May 2015
  • "The result of the Election is known to the Lord and determined by Him"

Safeguarding the Sacred

24 January 2015
  • "Truth is paramount in everything we write or say"

When Calamities Come

27 December 2014
  • "The Bible provides the light we need on the calamities that occur to instruct our minds and direct our lives"

Reflections on the Referendum

28 October 2014
  • "Our nation’s problems are ultimately spiritual and only a spiritual solution will do"

Barking up the Wrong Tree

01 September 2014
  • "We should be weeping over Scotland’s spiritual state, that our Saviour is 'as a stranger in the land' ”


26 July 2014
  • "If biblical teaching is scorned in one area it will have consequences in other areas sooner or later"
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