2021 General Assembly

Date: Friday, 05 March 2021
Author: Rev Graeme Craig

The Assembly Arrangements Committee met recently to consider how the meeting of May's General Assembly might be conducted in the light of the Covid-19 situation.

The Committee noted that:
i) There is no clear timetable for the lifting of Covid restrictions, and it is expected that at least some restrictions will still be in place at the end of May. Restrictions on travel and accommodation, together with the requirement for social distancing, would make the meeting of an Assembly impracticable, if not impossible.
ii) It is not certain that the present restrictions, even if they are lifted in the summer, will not be reimposed in the autumn.
iii) It would better serve the interests of the Church if a normal Committee year could be restored.
iv) The Zoom meetings of Assembly in May and October 2020, though not ideal, were a reasonable format in the circumstances.

Given the above, the Committee agreed that this year the General Assembly would meet as indicted on 24th May, and that it would meet by Zoom. The meeting is expected to last from 6pm on the Monday (24th) until 5pm on the Wednesday (26th), with the hope of completing all the business by then.

Further details will be made available nearer the time (D.V.).

Rev. Graeme Craig
Assistant Clerk of Assembly