A Divided Church

Date: Tuesday, 20 March 2018
Author: Rev John W Keddie

A DIVIDED CHURCH is an account of the division that took place in the Free Church of Scotland, a conservative evangelical and reformed church, in the year 2000. The story is told of events that led to the division and the perceived inadequacies of procedures in church and state which impacted upon events leading up to the division.

The book is written from the perspective of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), the smaller part of the divided Church. It is a story that requires to be told and it is written with care and conciseness by the lecturer in Church History and Church Principles at the Seminary of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).

The book is a sequel to the same author’s story, a major work, on aspects of the history of the Free Church of Scotland in the 20th Century, Preserving a Reformed Heritage (ISBN: 978-1-326-86529-0).

Printed by Lulu, A Divided Church is available from Lulu, and from other internet sites such as Amazon (ISBN: 978-1-326-79213-8). A paperback of 104 pages, the book will cost £5.00 (plus postage) from internet websites, or £6.00 including postage in the UK from the author at:

Scottish Reformed Heritage Publications,
19 Newton Park,