A God-Centred Vision For Church And Nation

Date: Monday, 07 April 2014

The  Reformation in Scotland was a glorious work of God. The main human instrument was John Knox (1514-1572) who was given a vision for changing the nation back to God.


He knew he was called of God to trumpet His Word for delivering Scotland from the corruption of false worship and to re-build the Church in the land. The qualities of greatness and achievement manifested by Knox are inexplicable apart from the work of the Holy Spirit of God. Knox's own assessment of the success of the Reformation was that 'God gave his Holy Spirit to simple men in great abundance'.


The Reformation in Scotland affected every stratum of society. The Church was reformed, universal education was promoted, democracy and liberty were introduced. Scotland was bequeathed a glorious Christian heritage.


However, that glorious heritage has been systematically eroded in our land. Scotland is going back  to a condition similar to the state of ignorance and superstition that preceded the Reformation. Our blessings spiritual, educational and civil are largely forgotten. We need another Reformation.  


We need to re-capture the vision given to John Knox.


Paperback, 42 pages, £3.00

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