Aberdeen Update

Date: Saturday, 13 May 2017
Author: Rev Timothy J McGlynn

The Aberdeen congregation recently purchased a former congregational church in the Mastrick district of Aberdeen. We are delighted to be able to say that we have been very well received with many of our new neighbours telling us they are glad the building has returned to its original use as a church. We have had a number of local Christians worshipping with us and trust that as we become known in the area many other people will come and see


Over the past couple of months as we have settled into our new surroundings we have been kept busy with the many tasks that come from owning our own property. The noticeboard was seen as an early priority, along with a sign for the side of the building to let everyone know we are here. The Deacons’ Court, who were so busy in the months leading up to the purchase, have been kept equally busy since we entered the property. The setting up of utility contracts and the one hundred and one other things necessary have occupied them fully. However, the sense of joy is palpable and the thankfulness for God’s wonderful provision is visible on the faces of the whole congregation.

Amongst other things there is quite a bit of grass to cut. However, rather than view this as simply a chore to keep the place looking good, it has been a viewed as a helpful means of enabling us to speak to folk who pass by. We had not considered the evangelistic power of gardening until now, but it has been a real eye-opener. Inside there has been plenty to do with lots of cleaning, and a bit of the modern manly pursuit of “flat-pack” assembly. As the tasks are completed things are coming together beautifully and every week sees another step or two forward.  

The sanctuary is light and pleasant, with room for just over 100 people if required; it is currently laid out for 50 seats. The chairs are very comfortable. 


The kitchen and fellowship area have been well used since our arrival with the congregation taking every opportunity to gather together and talk of the Lord. 


The small side rooms have been deployed as Sabbath School rooms and it is hoped that we will need a third class after the summer. 


The congregation recently enjoyed its first Communion Season in the new building, with the Rev M A N Macleod (Snizort) preaching powerfully throughout the weekend. The congregation welcomed Finlay and Anne Morrison (formerly of Ness) into membership during the communion season. 

The following weekend witnessed the sacrament of baptism administered to Miss Harriet Maclennan, daughter of Malcolm and Andrea and sister of Ava and Ella. Walter Wright recently moved back from Glasgow to his home city of Aberdeen and has settled into the congregation very well. It is hoped that Rev W B Scott will be with the congregation for the first weekend in June.


We are looking forward to holding our official opening, as soon as is practicable. This will probably be after the summer, to allow for more work to be done in and around the church. We remain most grateful to every individual, couple and congregation upholding us prayerfully and helping us practically as we labour for the Lord in Aberdeen.

We hope to welcome many friends, old and new, to the congregation as the Lord spares. If you know someone in Aberdeen or its environs, or who is due to move to the North East for work or study, please encourage them to come along. Come and visit us if you are due to be in Aberdeen or nearby over a weekend as we worship God and rejoice in His goodness through Jesus Christ the Lord.