Abort Abortion Campaign

Date: Monday, 29 November 2021
Author: Mr Donald J Morrison

Further to the ‘prayer update’ of 24 November, this is a further report about the Abort Abortion Campaign.

The lack of responses, so far, from the 800 politicians contacted has been nothing less than pitiful. The blasé and insensitive replies, of the few who did respond, only reflects their blind allegiance to the abortion industry, and their support for women to choose their own pregnancy outcome.  

Uncaring Politicians

All this was woefully echoed in the letter received from Ms Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Labour Member of Parliament for Streatham: “I am a fierce supporter of a woman’s right to choose and will always defend this...I have always campaigned for women’s rights and will continue to support any legislation that seeks to uphold these here in the UK and across the globe. I will use my role as a Member of Parliament to defend women’s legal right to healthcare and protect them from any harassment they may face for choosing to access it.”

We did follow up our correspondence, sometimes several times over, only to be told the same thing by the heartless lawmakers who initially didn’t have the courtesy to respond. “Due to the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the country, I am currently only able to deal with correspondents living within the boundary of my own constituency.”  A timely crisis indeed for inaction!

Supportive Individuals

Although, sadly, they are few in number, we are thankful to God for those who are willing to put their heads above the parapet and speak out loudly against the barbaric and evil practice of abortion. They are found in the Northern Ireland Assembly, Welsh Assembly and the House of Commons. Those who have written, reinforcing their complete support for the Abort Abortion Campaign (AAC), include: Ian Paisley MP (N.I.), Robin Newton MLA (N.I.), Darren Millar MS (Wales), Russell George MS (Wales). Mr George said: “I am pleased that there are other Members of the Welsh Parliament who are sympathetic to the cause which you and I feel strongly about. Other colleagues and I look for opportunities to raise this important matter on a regular basis.”

Other stalwarts include: Fiona Bruce MP (England), Dr Lisa Cameron MP (Scotland) and Carla Lockhart MP (N.I.), who are all members of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group. We also received a personal phone call from Mr Paul Givan, before he became First Minister of Northern Ireland, giving assurance of the DUP’s broad support for the AAC and confirming that he and colleagues would lend it their full weight, at every given opportunity, on the Assembly floor at Stormont.

Contrast in Attitudes

Recent announcements again expose the hypocrisy and wickedness that abounds in the corridors of power at Holyrood. In July 2021, the Scottish Government announced that drug-related deaths in Scotland reached record levels for the seventh year in a row, with 1,339 people dying in 2020. There was a sudden outcry by politicians. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the number of lives lost “is unacceptable, each one a human tragedy”.  She immediately pledged £250m over the next five years to help tackle the crisis.

Also in July 2021, the Scottish Government announced that 13,815 innocent unborn babies were brutally killed – the state calls it abortion – in murder clinics across Scotland. This was the second highest number since 1968, when record-keeping began. Unbelievably, there was not a single murmur from any politician! Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who it seems is deaf and dumb to the silent scream of every single aborted baby, said nothing. In her estimation, and that of her likeminded political cohorts, the number of lives lost appears to be acceptable, and not a human tragedy. She pledged zero pounds to abolish abortion. What utter hypocrisy.

The Scottish Parliament

As the Scottish Parliament election was held in May 2021, it was best felt to make contact with politicians at Holyrood sometime afterwards. Our hope is to go to Edinburgh shortly and personally present all 129 MSPs at Holyrood with their individual packages. Each package contains a booklet, Abortion: Open your mouth for the dumb, a DVD film The Silent Scream, and four appropriate leaflets outlining why abortion must be abolished. Not forgetting that every politician has a precious soul to be won for Christ, each package will also contain a Christian testimony booklet, It Can’t be as Simple as That, along with a gospel tract entitled The Message of the Bible, written by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  For the record, every politician previously contacted received all these items.

Friends, we would plead with you to remember our labours for the unborn in prayer under the banner of Abort Abortion Campaign. While our vision and mission to abolish abortion looks like a monumental and almost impossible task, let us remember one encouraging promise: “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)

The Sanctity of Life

God’s Word reminds us, in Psalm 139:13-16, that life, from conception, is sacred and precious: “thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. All human life is created in God’s image and so is intrinsically valuable from conception. It is our duty to defend the sanctity of human life. The deliberate taking of human life is a breach of the sixth commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.” (Exod. 20:13) Abortion is murder, and therefore the killing of babies in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland must stop immediately. Abortion must be aborted.