Ashers Wins at Supreme Court

Date: Wednesday, 10 October 2018
Author: Rev Greg MacDonald

(Statement from the Public Questions, Religion & Morals Committee).

The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) are delighted with the ruling today (Wednesday 10th October 2018) clearing Ashers Bakery of discrimination for refusing to promote homosexual marriage on one of their products. The unanimous decision of the Law Lords underlines the dubious nature of the complaint in the first place. The complaint should never have been taken up in our Courts. The liberties of Christians would have been severely curtailed had the decision gone against Ashers.

Along with many Christians around the country, we are genuinely relieved that this decision has reaffirmed the right of Christians and others not to be forced to promote ungodly behaviour.  We wish to thank both Ashers and The Christian Institute for their faithfulness in the face of great opposition and will continue to thank God for his mercies to us. Bible-believing Christians have neither hatred to, nor phobia of, those who practice homosexuality, but as with all sexual sin, we proclaim the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus, calling lost souls to repentance.