Ayr FC(C) Acquire Church

Date: Monday, 18 March 2019
Author: Rev Andrew R Allan

The Ayr Free Church (Continuing) congregation has entered a new and exciting phase with the acquisition of a permanent place of worship.

The congregation has been renting the property at 7 Lindsay Street, Ayr, since 2014 from South Ayrshire Council.

However, in recent days the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) have bought the premises, known locally as the Bethel Mission Hall, from the Council for the exclusive use of the Ayr congregation.

Ayr Church Building

Rev Dr. James Millar, left, the Ayr congregation’s elder, and Session Clerk said, “The congregation is delighted to have their own permanent place of worship.  Currently, the congregation is without a minister but this latest development will boost all connected with the church.  We hope this will act as a catalyst to calling a minister in the not too distant future.”

He went on to say, “As funds permit we intend to install a new heating system and refurbish the building to make the place more conducive as a place to hold our services.”

The congregation’s interim moderator Rev Andrew R Allan, right, Partick, Glasgow, said, “We are delighted to have acquired the property.  Our grateful thanks are due to the Finance & Sustentation Committee, the General Treasurer, and the General Trustees, of the Free Church (Continuing).  All have played an important and vital part in securing the property.  Their input is gratefully appreciated by the congregation.

Ayr Church BuildingInterior