Ayr Induction

Date: Monday, 18 November 2019
Author: Rev Andrew R Allan

Friday marks a significant milestone in the history of Ayr Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) when the Rev Graeme Craig BSc will be inducted into the pastoral charge of the vacant congregation.

The congregation, which is known locally as Bethel Free Church and meets at Lindsay Street, has been without a minister since May 2018 when their former minister Rev Gavin Beers was inducted to the congregation in Mebane, USA.

Mr. Craig served in Ardnamurchan, and in Lochalsh, before going to Stornoway in April 2009.  He was Moderator of the General Assembly in 2011 and has been the Assistant Clerk of Assembly since 2000.  Having studied Geology at university before training for the Ministry, he has a keen interest in the relationship between science and the Bible.  He is critical of the prevailing evolutionary explanation of origins, believing that it cannot be reconciled with the actual facts as they stand and that it is unhelpful in the study of both science and human needs.  "What our society and individuals need", says Mr. Craig, "is a clear understanding of who they are as human beings and as sinners, and the necessity of a true relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Only a clear presentation of biblical truth and the blessing of God will produce that."

Mr. Craig is married to Roberta and they have eight children and two grandchildren.

Ayr Elder and Session Clerk Rev Dr. Jim Millar said, “The congregation are delighted to welcome Mr. Craig to Ayr and are looking forward to his ministry.”

NewPrestwickBC 2

The induction service takes place at New Prestwick Baptist Church, 192 Prestwick Road, Ayr at 7:00 pm on Friday 22nd November.  Southern Presbytery Moderator Rev David S Fraser, retired, will preach and preside.  Afterward Rev William B Scott, retired, with address Mr. Craig, and Rev Andrew R Allan, Partick, will address the congregation.

Following the formalities there will be a welcome social and refreshments.  All welcome.