Ballyclare & Doagh Communion November 2014

Date: Thursday, 13 November 2014
Author: Rev E Trevor Kirkland

The Ballyclare & Doagh Congregation recently celebrated their first Communion Season since becoming part of the Free Church (Continuing). Visiting preachers were Rev Gavin Beers and Rev John J Murray. 

On Thursday Rev E T Kirkland, Minister of the Congregation, preached on Isaiah 58 on prerequisites to delighting in the Lord's Day.

On Friday Rev Gavin Beers preached from Mark 5 on the woman with the issue of blood under the heading – 'A desperate soul saved by faith'. We were shown how she was an example of desperate need both socially and ceremonially. Further, she exercised desperate faith and finally there was the salvation of a desperate soul. This was followed by an excellent fellowship tea where Rev Beers spoke of his recent trip to China which was highly informative.

Rev John J Murray drew his hearers' attention to God's glory on Saturday night, preaching from John 17:4. The introduction alone was stirring. Rev Murray posed three questions. First, why was it necessary for Christ to glorify God on earth? Second, How was this accomplished? and finally, What are the consequences?

On the Lord's Day morning Rev Murray preached from Galatians 3 on Christ made a curse for us. Once again the congregation was richly blessed as they were shown the grandeur of redemption. On Sabbath evening the communion was concluded with Psalm 43:3-4 on how a sinner can enjoy God. A fellowship tea followed the service where Rev Murray spoke with much conviction on the greatest need for the church today and what was essential for children and young people. The congregation were invited for further fellowship at the Manse.

As a congregation we were encouraged by those who joined with us, especially the Morrisons from Ness; we appreciated Mr Finlay Morrison sharing in the precenting. We are thankful to Mr John Gillies, Elder of the Partick Congregation, for travelling over to attend the Kirk Session and participating in the Communion. We are thankful too for the ministry of the word by Rev's Beers and Murray. These sermons are now available on the Sermon Audio website here.

This is a Communion that will remain in the collective memory of the congregation. It was a blessed time and we trust the beginning of many more blessings.