Luther’s statue in Wittenburg, now called

Conference Miranda 500

Date: Thursday, 15 December 2016
Author: Rev William B Scott

Some one and a half hours south of Bilbao lies the town of Miranda de Ebro (Miranda on the Ebro River). Here the Rev Dr Jorge Ruiz has laboured seeking to build up a congregation. It is a work which has shown promise from time to time, but yet has little to show at this moment. However work opened up in Bilbao on the north-west coast and in Rubi, Barcelona on the north-east coast. Various contacts have been made with other groups from Mexico and Cuba in the north to Chile at the southernmost tip of Latin America. A Conference was suggested to mark the coming 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Plans are well underway and a very full programme is at the planning stage.

Spanish Conference 2016

A previous gathering from Bilbao, Miranda, Barcelona, France and Scotland – August 2016

Details of the Conference are as follows (D.V.):

Dates: Arriving Tuesday 9th May, with the Conference to last from Wednesday until Saturday afternoon, with morning and afternoon worship on Lord’s Day 14th May and leaving for home on the 15th.

Venue: A hotel/hostel in Miranda. This is an upmarket Youth Hostel, which is all that you would wish it to be as regards, comfort, cleanliness, excellent food, and a large room for us to be together.

Costs: Expected to be in the region of £150 for the six nights, full board. The rooms are mostly twin bedded. There is a lift. Flights depending when booked will likely be from £150 to £200 return per person.

Programme: A full programme ranging from early morning devotionals to four talks per day on topics such as Luther and Justification by Faith, Calvin and the Sovereignty of God and Knox and Biblical Presbyterianism, to Growing Groups and Maintaining Congregations without a Pastor. Dr Ruiz will lead, and we hope to have with us also Rev Jose Fernandez, who is from Puerto Rico but now resident in Chicago, USA, and Rev James MacInnes (Ardelve) and Rev John MacLeod (Portmahomack).

Melancthon Motto

“If God be for us who can be against us” – the motto of Philip Melancthon, Reformer and co-worker of Martin Luther

For further details regarding the Conference please contact Rev Bill Scott:
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01506 650 115.