Coronavirus Pandemic Update

Date: Thursday, 26 March 2020
Author: Rev Greg MacDonald

In view of the threat to life at present due to the Covid-19 virus, the Public Questions, Religion and Morals Committee (PQRM) recommend to Kirk Sessions the temporary suspension of public worship throughout our UK congregations for the next three weeks when the Committee will meet again to review the situation. 

The Committee commend the use of alternative online, teleconference and other means to sustain congregational worship at this time. Noting the biblical imperative to worship, the diligent use of such alternative means as may be put in place by local Kirk Sessions is commended to all our people. 

Further, the Committee recommend that regular prayer be offered for the medical and nursing personnel sacrificially treating the needs of those presently suffering. 

Notwithstanding the above, the Committee recognise that the decision to proceed or otherwise with services is properly the locus of the local Kirk Session. In view of the threat to life at present, the Committee recommends each Presbytery and congregation to take up for consideration the maintenance of public worship within their bounds and counsel their people to take necessary precautions to preserve life, taking due note of the advice and instructions of the respective governing magistrates. 

The Committee also humbly recommend to our Scottish Government that in future they be careful to recognise the constitutional prerogative enshrined in our Revolution Settlement, that the Church has sole authority under God for the providing or withdrawing of gospel ordinances in this land. 

Further, the Committee does earnestly plead that both the Scottish and United Kingdom governments call for a Day of Prayer, knowing that only the Lord in His gracious providence can truly deliver us from this present crisis.