Creation Ministries International Glasgow Conference

Date: Monday, 20 October 2014
Author: Rev David S Fraser

After extensive promotion in the electronic media, the Creation Ministries International (CMI) Day Conference in Shettleston Free Church (Continuing), Glasgow, began at 3pm on Saturday 18th October. One of their leading lecturers, Mr Dominic Statham, was introduced by the minister the Rev David Fraser and addressed near 80 adults and children with an impressive confirmation of the scriptures from scientific data and historical evidence of Dinosaurs and Dragons. Most of the children were fascinated and answered questions, many of the adults were impressed and asked questions at the end.

CreationIM14 10 18 03After a break for refreshment and perusal of the extensive bookstall, Mr Statham presented his second address to an adult audience of about 40, on the scientific support for creation, catastrophe, confusion and Christ. Many scriptures were illuminated giving encouragement to believers to hold their own in debate with skeptics. Again good questions received convincing answers.

CreationIM14 10 18 31

In these days of overwhelming Darwinian propaganda, Christians need to aim for the total collapse and discredit of the delusion which has gripped our opinion makers as they attempt to escape their accountability to God. Another similar conference is planned for next year. We are indebted to CMI for their excellent, sound ministry.

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