Day of Humiliation & Prayer

Date: Friday, 05 March 2021

When the Northern Presbytery met for ordinary business on Tuesday 23 February, considerable discussion took place concerning the current national lockdown, the criminalisation by Government of anyone leaving their homes to engage in the public worship of God, and the growing sense of godlessness and declining morality in modern Scotland. Note was taken of the fact that there have been attempts on the part of our own Denomination and others, as well as such organisations as the Christian Institute, to encourage Governments both at Holyrood and Westminster to call the nation to a day of Humiliation & Prayer in the current situation of national crisis. Such calls have almost inevitably fallen upon deaf ears.

The Northern Presbytery has accordingly resolved to call all those in our congregations within the bounds of Presbytery to observe Saturday 6 March as such a day. Services will be conducted at 12.00noon on that day by Rev. Thomas Buchanan, minister at Brora, and by Rev. John Keddie (rtd) at 6.00pm.

These services will be broadcast over our usual Zoom channel on the day. Presbytery would earnestly call all of our congregations to join with us on that date to beseech the God of our fathers to use the present calamity that has overwhelmed the nation, and indeed the world, to cause men, women and children to think seriously about the destiny of their never dying souls. The Presbytery wish to extend a warm welcome to as many of our people throughout the Church to join with us on this solemn occasion.

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