Encouragement for Aberdeen Congregation

Date: Friday, 12 August 2016
Author: Rev Timothy J McGlynn

The Aberdeen congregation recently agreed to purchase the Stuart Resource Centre, Invercauld Road, Aberdeen, AB16 5QQ, from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Scotland for £291,500. We believe this is a token of God’s continuing mercy towards both the congregation and the denomination.

The Lord has provided for us in a most wonderful way. We initially thought we had been unsuccessful. However, a few weeks after our initial bid was rejected the sellers contacted the congregation’s lawyers and asked if we were still keen to purchase at the price previously offered. When we indicated we were, agreement was soon reached between the parties. The congregation has been itinerant for the last sixteen years and it will be a great encouragement to us and our friends everywhere that this has come to pass.  

The Stuart Resource Centre was built in 1955 as a Congregational Church and is very well suited to our needs. The sanctuary will comfortably hold just over 100 people. As well as the sanctuary there are: six offices/meeting rooms, three toilets (two disabled), a glazed reception area which joins to the sanctuary and will make a first-class cry room/overflow, along with a kitchen and dining area, all on the ground floor. There is also a good-sized first floor office and a storeroom adding further to the flexibility of the property and suitable either as an office or prayer meeting room. 

Outside there are fenced parking areas to the front and rear of the building for 25-30 vehicles. The internal décor is in a very good state and while the outside needs some small repairs, it is generally of a good standard. The area of ground is approximately 0.4 acres and is at the heart of a residential area of the city, Mastrick, just off North Anderson Drive. 

The congregation recently stepped out in faith and sold their manse in order to prepare for just such a possibility. We are grateful that along with money received from the sale of the manse and the money in the congregational building fund the congregation have already collected well over £200,000. We would appeal to fellow FC(C) congregations and our friends further afield to pray for us and where possible to help financially to enable us to pay off the building as soon as possible. We are most grateful to God for all His help and direction to bring us to this place and we continue to look to Him for all that is yet to be done.

For details of how to make a financial contribution please contact Rev Timothy McGlynn at:
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