Encouragements at Portavogie

Date: Tuesday, 21 March 2017
Author: Rev E Trevor Kirkland

There have been a number of milestones reached regarding the work in Portavogie.

First we had a wedding. The day was a joy and delight as John and Jessica took their vows, after which the Word was preached.

The service followed the Directory for the Public Worship of God.

Next we had a baptism. It was a joy to celebrate the ordinance of baptism on Sabbath 19th March 2017 for Seth aged 6 months.

Some twenty people gathered to witness the Directory for the Public Worship of God being followed. This is probably the first for over a generation, because Presbyterians have abandoned the Directory for 100 years.

Finally, we are also delighted that a family has been added to the roll of the church and look forward to receiving more in due course.

Church planting is a long term project.

Three things must be kept in mind.

  • Patience

Who is there at the beginning may not be there a year later. It is vital to endure.

  • Disappointments

It is not those who are absent but those who turn up we should focus on. Too often we get discouraged because of absentees.

  • Compromise

The great attraction and danger is lowering standards and cutting corners just to get people in. This is a false approach that simply brings problems later. Better to have less with our principles than more without them.