First Spanish Reformed Congregational Conference

Date: Friday, 22 August 2014
Author: Rev William B Scott

(Retired minister Rev Bill Scott reflects on his recent trip to Spain with Beauly minister the Rev Harry Woods.)

The first Congregational Conference of Bil –anda –lona (the three part congregation scattered over the North of Spain from Bilbao via Miranda to Barcelona) was held recently in a Centre, previously a seminary and a school, near Tarrasa, when some 35 adults and children gathered.  We always have that old holiday postcard longing; “Wish you were here.” whenever we are with the folks in Spain that you might share in their warmth and desire for more of Christ, a deeper understanding of the Reformed Faith, and a deep compassion to see others added to the Church by faith in Christ.  To this end they had invited friends from non-Reformed groups as well as those who are strangers to grace to the Conference.



The Centre was excellent with its own outdoor swimming pool, sports areas, and sitting areas.  All were well used and the latter would have gladdened your hearts as from time to time we saw groups gather around an open Bible. The congregation were housed above a large room that doubled as a dining room, get together place, and a worship hall.   The kitchen was just off and various teams took their place to prepare meals while all ages would arrange the tables in a large square or rearrange the seating for our worship.   There was no a murmur from young and old when asked to help.



Rev. Harry Woods gave a masterful lecture on the History of our Church from the Reformation that was greatly appreciated.  One of the young men gave a really helpful devotional on the Patience of God.  Rev. Jorge Ruiz preached as did Rev. Bill Scott.  Many questions were asked how do you do this and that in Scotland, and were answered as best we could. The response was encouraging.  It’s difficult for us at home to know what it means to those who see, grasp and want to know more of what we take for granted – a truly Reformed Faith taught and controlled by the Word of God.  The Psalms were sung.