Free Church Continuing Announces New Moderator-Designate

Date: Saturday, 29 November 2014
Author: Rev John MacLeod

The Moderator Designate for the 2015 General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) is Rev Kenneth Macdonald (65), minister of the Free Church Continuing congregation in Scalpay. 

Brought up on the Island of Lewis, in Bayble Point, Mr Macdonald trained as a joiner and spent a number of years in the building trade and as a grocer.

His conversion in 1983 brought important changes in outlook and Mr Macdonald went on to engage in short-term mission work in Bangladesh working for Tear Fund, leading a team of students doing voluntary work at a hospital complex. Nor did it stop there, because in 1989 he went to South Africa, with his family, as an artisan missionary, building new churches and renovating some of the older church buildings. There he also began to preach for the first time, out of necessity due to the shortage of preachers, and became conscious of being called by the Lord to serve as a minister. That call led to a return to Scotland to study for the ministry.

Ordained in 1997, he was minister in Snizort, on the Isle of Skye, for eleven years. Since 2008 he has been minister on the Island of Scalpay.

Mr Macdonald has represented the Church in Australia and in Zambia, preached at conferences in America and England and serves on the National Committee of the Scottish Reformation Society. He has also, on several occasions, led groups to visit Israel. 

In such spare time as he has, he enjoys sea fishing, woodwork and reading political biographies.

Married to Coleen, he has two married sons: Mark (an operations officer with Scottish Natural Heritage) and Greg (Minister of the Free Church Continuing in Ness).