Free Church (Continuing) Announces New Moderator-Designate

Date: Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Moderator-designate for the 2018 General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) is Rev David Blunt, minister of the Free Church Continuing congregation of North Uist & Grimsay.

Born in Essex in 1958 and brought up in Hampshire, Mr Blunt studied Environmental Science at the University College of Wales, which was followed by research at Dundee University.

Finding the naturalistic explanation for the universe implausible and the evolutionary account of man's origin inadequate, he then read the Bible for the first time. The result was an awareness of the holiness of God, a sense of personal sin and a longing for forgiveness. Helped by the witness of Christians he met through the providence of God, by divine grace he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1983.

His conversion led to opportunities to serve the Lord, including assisting at a city mission and teaching part-time at a Christian primary school. Sensing a call to the gospel ministry, Mr Blunt attended the Free Church College for three years as a private student. In 2000 he was inducted by the Free Church Continuing as an Evangelist / Church Planter based in Aberdeen and in 2007 accepted a call to the North Uist & Grimsay congregation in the Western Isles. He has served both as a Presbytery Clerk and Clerk to Assembly Committees.

Editor of the denominational magazine Free Church Witness since 2017, Mr Blunt is also the the author of Presbyterianism, published by the Free Church (Continuing), and of Which Bible Version: Does it Really Matter?, published by the Trinitarian Bible Society.

Married to Sybil, who comes from Point in Lewis, he enjoys reading, walking and gardening.

For further information:

Rev David Blunt
01876 510305

Rev. John MacLeod (Media Officer and Principal Clerk of Assembly)
0845 1297055 or 07879 481502