Free Church (Continuing) Spanish Connection

Date: Saturday, 19 July 2014
Author: Rev William B Scott

Our recent trip to Spain took us through France renewing contact with old friends and meeting new ones in Rennes, Albi and Perpignan before turning South into Spain to meet part of Rev. Jorge Ruiz's far flung congregation that meets in a home in Terrassa, north of Barcelona.


On the Saturday evening we witnessed a double baptism of Aaron and his little brother, Isaiah, then we had the privilege to sit at the Lord's Table on the Lord's Day before sharing a meal together and then in the afternoon I had the opportunity to preach.


Our journey took us South West to Cuenca, to meet with Sergio, who continues to preach twice a day, seven days a week in the open air. Some ask him to share a coffee and offer him honey for his voice and ask questions.

It is obvious that the Lord is working.  We were amazed to hear that a brother in Valladolid has been asked to give an exposition of Romans 5 at a large Roman Catholic Conference later in the year. We saw evidence of growth in Bilbao, another part of Rev. Ruiz's flock.  

RuizLibraryHere we witnessed another baptism of two baby girl's of two different families. Before again sharing in a meal with more than thirty around the table.