Glasgow Minister's 40 Year Service

Date: Monday, 12 December 2016

At the meeting of the Southern Presbytery held in Edinburgh today the Rev William Macleod (right) received a presentation to mark his 40 year service in the Christian ministry.

Mr. Macleod was ordained to the ministry on 12th October 1976, when he was inducted to Partick Free Church, Glasgow. He moved to Portree in 1993 and from there to Thornwood (now Knightswood) Free Church, Glasgow, in 2006.


Mr Macleod played a leading part in the events which led to the formation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in 2000, being editor of the Free Church Foundations magazine. From 2002 to 2014 he was Principal of the Free Church (Continuing) Seminary, and from 2000 he has been editor of the Church's magazine, the Free Church Witness, a position from which he expects to retire next year. 

In the course of his studies for the ministry Mr Macleod spent a year at Westminster Theological Seminary, and he has long had an admiration for the men of old Princeton. Among the books that were presented to him by the Presbytery Moderator Rev E Trevor Kirkland, Ballyclare & Doagh, are The Selected Shorter Writings of Warfield, and a modern biography of Charles Hodge. And just to ensure that the Scottish dimension is represented, he also received a recently-published Fasti of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland which covers some of the stirring events in Scottish church history over the past 300 years and more.