Glasgow Outreach Continues Unabated

Date: Friday, 25 July 2014
Author: Rev Andrew R Allan

In delightful seasonable weather it was a privilege to return to Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, and join with Donald John Morrison, the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)'s home mission worker, and distribute gospel tracts to the throngs of passers-by.

When I was there Rev William Macleod and Alastair Manderson from the Knightswood congregation, John N Gillies, Partick, and Bruce McNally, Edinburgh, were also on the scene doing their bit to spread the good news.

Tracting14 07 25 04

Alastair and Rev Macleod, right, engage with a passer-by.

Tracting14 07 25 26

Bruce McNally, Edinburgh, hands a tract to a passer-by.

Tracting14 07 25 36

Regrettably we are not the only ones on the Street. Here Donald John explains the 'Good News' to a representative of the Christian Science cult, who was also on Sauchiehall Street handing out small portions of scripture.

Tracting14 07 25 44

Pray that the Lord would bless his and our labours.