Storm Damage in Baracoa

Help Required and Self-Help

Date: Monday, 05 December 2016
Author: Rev William B Scott

News has come to us from Diego and Sarah Ramires of two particular needs. One is for the believers who are suffering as the result of the recent storm which hit the island of Cuba. Homes have been flattened and belongings scattered and destroyed. There is an appeal for help for restoration work. Any help given will be channelled through pastors whom we have been in touch with for a number of years. 

The other news is of a “self-help project” which has arisen out of the need to provide work for believers who have been out of work with little or no likelihood of finding employment. These dear folk have been helped to buy large gas-powered ovens and they are making and selling endulzas – cakes to you and me. Please be encouraged to give thanks and to pray for our brethren, for success in one venture and comfort and help in the other. 

Rev Bill Scott (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Cuba – Baracoa


“We have had news from a pastor in Cuba that Hurricane Matthew has destroyed most of Baracoa, causing many families of the congregation to lose everything or almost everything. There have been days of chaos and great need, with no water, electricity, food or communication of any kind. It is estimated that it will take at least ten years for the place to recovery its former state. Please remember these families in your prayers and if you wish to give financial support to the affected congregation (, please let us know.”



Colombia – Tuluá


“The idea to start up a small business emerged from the need of one of the students of the Academia de Teología Reformada to improve his difficult financial situation. In the long term, we hope to provide jobs for other brothers and financial resources for the Reformed churches of Latin America. At the moment, the cakes are produced on a small scale and sold to small shops and restaurants. There are different flavours and sizes, and the product is generally well-accepted. Please pray with us that the Lord may bless this little beginning and provide the necessary wisdom and financial means to make the project profitable.”