Portavogie Community Centre, where our services are held

Home Mission Worker's labours in Portavogie

Date: Wednesday, 04 May 2016
Author: Rev E Trevor Kirkland

Portavogie is the location for the newly-established mission station of the Ballyclare & Doagh congregation. It is a fishing village of some 3,000 souls and a place where the gospel has been vigorously promoted, but alas has in many cases become moribund. Reformed worship is unknown in this district, as the Regulative Principle of Worship is neither appreciated nor followed.  

Last month our Church's Home Mission Worker, Donald John Morrison, was able to labour in Portavogie for a week on behalf of the mission station. Strangely there are many in the village who claim to be 'born again', yet never attend church. This is the outcome of the appeals system and other Arminian methods of evangelism. This fact gave Donald John an opportunity to explain more fully the demands of the gospel and its Biblical characteristics. 

Donald John was first invited to come to Ulster last year, with a view to working around Doagh and Ballyclare. Meanwhile, in God's providence, the mission station at Portavogie commenced. Seeing a need to break the ice and any prejudice that may exist, Donald John was the ideal person to have there. 

God's thoughts and ways were truly better than ours. The reception given to Donald John in the village was excellent, for which we are thankful to God. Many had expressed interest in attending the services in the past weeks, but out of fear had refrained. We are thankful that Donald's work has gone some way to breaking down prejudice and fear. He has laid a good foundation upon which we can proceed. Doors have been opened for follow-up work. 

As a congregation we are thankful and appreciative for Donald's willingness to come and his zeal in spreading the good news of the Gospel. Already we have seen a little fruit from his labours and we pray that a harvest will be reaped in due course.