Kim Traynor, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Judicial Review of the Criminalisation of Worship in Scotland

Date: Wednesday, 10 March 2021
Author: Rev Greg MacDonald
Christians from across Scotland have secured a Judicial Review of the Scottish Government’s criminalisation of public worship, as part of their measures responding to the threat of Covid-19. A sizeable number of Free Church (Continuing) ministers and elders are parties to the action, which is being supported by Christian Concern.
The two-day long Judicial Review is to be heard on March 11-12 2021, from 10am-4pm each day. A verdict will likely not be returned until some weeks thereafter. An audio link of the proceedings for members of the public is available from the Christian Concern website ( at the link here.
The key matter at stake is the spiritual liberties of Christ’s church in Scotland. The petitioners make the case that the independence of the church in Scotland is a liberty enshrined in the Constitution of the land since the time of the Reformation, the Revolution and the Act of Union. No civil government may intrude into the sphere which Christ has reserved for His church. It is also guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights. 
The petitioners make clear that they are not opposed to the Government’s intentions of limiting the spread of a very virulent and dangerous virus. Their concern rather is to make sure that what properly belongs to the civil magistrate and what properly belongs to the governance of the church remain distinct. 
Please do pray for the proceedings and the outcome of this vital case. Pray for the judge, Lord Braid, for the petitioners, and for Counsel who have to present the case. Pray that the Kingship of Christ over His church would be secured and that the Headship of Christ over our nation would yet be acknowledged as it once was in our beloved Scotland.