Knightswood Minister Conducts Sri Lankan Communion Season

Date: Monday, 24 November 2014
Author: Rev Andrew R Allan

Knightswood minister the Rev William Macleod has conducted a communion season at our denomination's Reformed Protestant Mission, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka, over the past weekend.

On the Friday night Mr. Macleod conducted a preparatory service and baptised three young persons. 

Those baptised are pictured, left to right, Logini Kirushnan, Felix Piratheepan and Beniel Jiyolasingtan. 3Baptism

Mr. Macleod was invited to conduct the services by former Sri Lankan student, the Rev Shanmugam N V Partheepan (Parthee), who underwent his theological studies in our Seminary, and during his time in Scotland was closely associated with the Knightswood congregation.


Rev William Macleod, pictured with members of the congregation, left to right, Benial Jiyolasingtan, Arokiyanathan Jiyolasingtan (Maran), Aokasta Judit Jiyolasingtan,  Ruth Kirushnan,  Logini Kirushnan,  Dinogee NV Partheepan,  Felix Piratheepan, Rebeaka Piratheepan,  Paramalingam Piratheepan and Rev SNV Partheepan.

Mr. Macleod has enjoyed his spell in Sri Lanka renewing fellowship with Parthee and his wife Dinogee (Dino) and congregation.