Lachman Update January-February 2014

Date: Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Greetings from Covenant College! Hopefully this overdue update will fill you in on how the Lord blessed us in 2013 and how you can be praying for Covenant College during this new academic year.

Covenant College

Last year we saw the Lord’s provision as we were blessed with a number of visiting lecturers to help with the teaching. During the second term (July-October), we welcomed Rev. Tim Broberg from the USA, Pastor Wilson Kamanga from Copperbelt Province in Zambia, Rev. Allan Murray from Scotland, and Rev. Johannes Aucamp from South Africa. Each of these men has assisted in filling a vital need here at the College, by providing sound Biblical teaching to our students at a time when we do not have enough full-time teachers.

While our family was in Scotland anticipating the imminent arrival of our third child, Covenant College held its 11th graduation ceremony on 4 October. There was a large graduating class – nine students finished their studies. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless each of these men with guidance and a strong foundation in His Word as they minister for Him. After the graduation ceremony, Covenant College closed as it always does during October-January. This allows our students to return to their homes where they are busy caring for their crops during the rainy season.

Term Break

Our family was away from Covenant College from 2 September until 2 January. Our time in the UK was very full and very enjoyable and we felt the Lord’s hand of blessing on us in all the contacts we were able to make on behalf of Covenant College. We were able to visit a large number of our own congregations within the Free Church of Scotland Continuing. In November and December we had the opportunity to travel through Northern Ireland, Wales, and England to visit other churches which expressed interest in the work of Covenant College Zambia Trust. We would like to convey our deep gratitude to all those who gave us a place to stay, prayed for the work, donated funds, and welcomed us into their local church families. It is truly a privilege to be able to represent the College and see prayers answered for more support coming in from Reformed churches worldwide.

Family News

We delight in the Lord’s goodness to us in the safe arrival of our second son, Titus Tyndale Lachman, who was born on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland on 7 October! Our three children are healthy and thriving. Elijah (3 1⁄2) is developing an enthusiasm for working outside with our gardener Reuben and ‘helping’ the College handyman, Nelson, fixing bicycles. Ketzia (2) is quite a bookworm and likes colouring, but she does get herself into ‘scrapes’ such as the fall into the side of the sandbox which resulted in one stitch over her left eyebrow. Titus (nearly 5 months) is scooting himself through the house in his baby walker, having discovered that this new form of locomotion puts many interesting things within his reach! The children have begun learning to bake with Katie – who is preparing to start selling homemade baked goods in town to benefit Covenant College and particularly our Women’s Ministry. Our compound is beginning to resemble a menagerie, with two dogs, a growing number of chickens, and now our housecat Jess!


2014 Academic Year

The first term of 2014 has just begun, on 4 February. We have welcomed 8 new students and our student body now numbers 20. It is always such a special time when the students begin arriving and the College comes back to life after 3 months of no activity! Please pray for our new students Yoronimo, Peter C. Tedson, Mike, Peter D. Samuel, Bernard, and Festo. This year is also the first year that Covenant College management is fully implementing the new course structure for our Certificate- level students. The new course structure for our Diploma-level students is still under review.

This term, David and Rev. Charles Zulu are both teaching full-time, and pastors Lovemore Banda (Acting Principal), Cyrus Miti and Aaron Banda are teaching part-time. We are looking forward to the visits of Pastor David Wegener who is a PCA missionary serving in Zambia, Rev. Andrew Allan from Scotland, and Rev. Johannes Aucamp back from South Africa who will all be teaching courses at Covenant College this term. Rev. Allan and Rev. Aucamp are both Trustees and will be coming for the annual Trust meeting in April.CCStudent0314  


  • We praise the Lord for each individual and church who assures us of their faithful prayer support for Covenant College. The Lord hears and answers these prayers!

  • We praise the Lord for all those who have given funds for Covenant College. Without these donations to cover operating costs, Covenant College would be in financial difficulty.

  • We thank the Lord for blessing us with the safe arrival of our precious baby boy Titus who is thriving, and for sustaining the rest of our family in good health and strength.

  • We thank the Lord for bringing us 8 new students and pray that these men would be molded more into the image of Christ during their time here at Covenant College and prosper in the light of the truth of His Word.

  • We thank the Lord for each man who will be teaching at the College this term and pray for truth, edification, and reformation to rule in this place.


  • Please pray for the rains to continue for an adequate amount of time so that there would be a good harvest this year. The people in our province, including our students, are dependent upon their crops for their livelihood.

  • Please pray for continued health and strength for all staff and students. We especially ask your prayers for David as he is feeling the weight of the administrative responsibilities, and for a number of students who are suffering from physical ailments such as ulcers and malaria.

  • Please pray that the Lord would provide someone to join the team here as a full-time administrator so that the teachers would be free to focus their energies fully on teaching and mentoring the students.

  • Please pray for our colleague Marjanne who leads the Christian Education Ministry as part of CCZT. She was in the Netherlands for the holidays with her family when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for Marjanne and her family as her mother undergoes treatment.

    In Christ’s Love,

    David, Katie, Elijah, Ketzia and Titus Lachman

    Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. Psalm 27:14 

Zambian address: Covenant College, PO Box 560229, Petauke, Zambia US address: 127 Woodland Rd, Wyncote, PA 19095 and