Lachman Update March-August 2014

Date: Friday, 12 September 2014

Greetings from smoky and dusty Covenant College in Eastern Province, Zambia! It is hard to believe that this year is more than halfway over. Here are some of the highlights from this academic year.

COLLEGE NEWS – The first term of 2014 ran from 4 February to 9 May. Some heavy discipline issues among the student body confronted us during the first term. These things caused a lot of grief, but we pray that the students will have grown and matured through them. We were grateful for the invaluable help given to us by visiting teachers Rev. David Wegener, Rev. Andrew Allan, and Rev. Johannes Aucamp, who blessed us with their time, energy and willingness to support the work here by teaching intensive classes. After a 6-week ‘winter break’ to allow our students to go home for harvest time, the second term began on 9 July and will end on 10 October. We are thankful for visiting teachers Rev. George Kalengo, Pastor Wilson Kamanga, Rev. David Wegener and Rev. Johannes Aucamp who are helping with teaching this term.

TRUST MEETING – Covenant College and its fellow ministries, the Farm and the Christian Education Ministry (CEM), are managed by a Board of Trustees. At this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April, the Trustees decided to pursue the appointment of a full-time Principal at Covenant College, who will also serve as full-time lecturer. They are currently working through a short-list of applicants and will be conducting further interviews on 15 September, which will be followed by a second AGM on 25 September to agree on the way forward. We ask your fervent prayers over this entire process: that a fully qualified man would be identified and appointed and that there would be clarity and unity in this vital decision.

LUNDAZI CONFERENCE – In June during the winter break we had the privilege of being asked to teach at a three day conference in the town of Lundazi, about four hours north of Covenant College. The conference was organized and hosted by Comforter Ministries International, a Pentecostal church which has sent two men here to train at the College and which was eager to offer a Bible conference to church leaders in their local area. Rev. Charles Zulu and David were the speakers, while Farm Ministry Leader Jackson Kasolo also taught the principles of Farming God’s Way. The conference was very enthusiastically and gratefully received and we were begged to return for more Bible teaching in the future. We value the continuing relationships with churches like this which send men to study here with us and want to dig deeper into God’s Word.


WOMEN’S MINISTRY – We continue to host three conferences each year as part of our women’s ministry – two conferences for the wives of students and one for the wives of Covenant College graduates. These conferences took place in May, June, and August. We were thankful to have teaching and assistance from the Wegener family who visited in August. This year we’ve added baking classes to the program so the ladies are learning how to bake cakes and other treats. Katie’s attempt at starting a local bakery business in order to raise funds for the Women’s Ministry has sadly not been a success, so we will not continue next year due to lack of interest. Please continue to pray for adequate funding to be found for this vital ministry of sharing God’s Word and fellowship with the wives of College students and graduates. The time we spend teaching and helping these women brings great blessings to them personally, to their husbands, and to the church.


TitusFAMILY NEWS – During the Winter break we took a few days’ holiday tent camping near South Luangwa National Park, one of Zambia’s best wildlife parks. It was exciting to experience the wildlife up close and personal. We had an elephant less than 50 yards from our tent, hippos grazing next to our heads as we slept, and had to fight off troops of baboons and monkeys who attempted raids on our camp every mealtime. We also had the excitement of celebrating David’s birthday in May and our 5th wedding anniversary on the 11th of July. A great blessing to be able to consider our global adventures in the light of the Lord’s sustaining and strengthening our relationship over these years. Our big boy Elijah turned 4 years old on 1st July and we gave him a Little Tikes wagon which we managed to get secondhand from some other missionaries. He is always busy in the garden, planting, watering, hoeing, raking leaves and now he has his own little ‘ox-cart’ for the job! Ketzia, 2.5 years old, is very anxious to keep up with her big brother in everything – whether it be reciting the catechism, learning the alphabet, drawing, or reading stories with Mama. Titus is 11 months old and officially a ‘toddler’ - no stopping him now! He keeps us all on our toes with his climbing exploits, and he is starting to talk now too. We thank the Lord for keeping our family in safety as we watch these little ones grow.

UPCOMING VISIT TO THE U.S.A. – We are coming to the USA for a few months this year! Lord willing we will arrive on 28 October and depart on 22 January 2015. Our goal is to continue spreading the word about the work of Covenant College Zambia Trust. We will be based near Charlotte, NC from early November until mid-December, connecting with churches from Missouri eastward and from Michigan southward. From mid-December until mid-January we will be based in the greater Philadelphia, PA area visiting churches within driving distance. If you are interested in a presentation about Covenant College, please contact us!

THANKSGIVING – Thank the Lord with us for his mercies in keeping us safe and healthy; for providing visiting teachers to cover the classes which needed to be taught; for the special opportunity of being invited to the Bible conference in Lundazi; for the donations of things like Bibles, books, uniforms, and graduation gifts by generous churches and individuals; for the repairs to the College electrical line which were successfully completed; and for the Lord’s goodness in sustaining Covenant College through this extended period of short staffing.

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PRAYER REQUESTS – Please pray with us that the search for ae and k full-time Principal and a full-time Administrator would be blessed with the provision of fully qualified personnel who would be true assets to the work here; for wisdom for our Board of Trustees on 15 and 25 September as they conduct interviews and decide on suitable candidates for the role of Principal; for these final weeks of the term to go smoothly and for the students to truly benefit; for College management as they seek to mentor and discipline students with love and effectiveness; for the students who will be graduating in Covenant College’s Class of 2014 on 10 October; for the details of our family’s time in the USA to come together smoothly.

“Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.” Psalm 33:22

In Christ’s Love,

David, Katie, Elijah, Ketzia and Titus Lachman


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