Latest Update From Parthee

Date: Saturday, 06 June 2015
Author: Rev Shanmugam N V Partheepan

Dear friends in Christ,
I am sure that most of you are wanting to know what is going on in the Sri Lankan mission. I have not personally written a report on our mission work in a long time, but you will hopefully have heard and read about the mission from other ministers who have visited over recent months.
God has been very good and gracious to us since we have started the mission in Sri Lanka. His love has not and will not change. We have faced so many problems in our mission, but we have felt God’s protection over us and are aware that His providence towards us is always for our good. God the Holy Spirit has guided us amazingly through it all by His word. We continue to pray that the Lord’s presence will be with us all the time in His ministry.
Ministry in Vavuniya:
We are slowly growing as a congregation in Vavuniya. This year God gave us some new attendees in His church. The past few weeks we have had 40 people attending the morning service and 75 in the evening service. I am continuing to preach through Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians in the morning and concentrate more on a Gospel message in the evening service. God has helped me abundantly in the pulpit and we have received a lot of spiritual benefit from God through the preaching of His Word. Piratheepan and Maran have also been preaching once a month, and we have enjoyed their preaching too.
We are learning about God’s will in our prayer meeting, which around 20 attend on a regular basis.
We had our communion season last month, it was a real blessing to us. The death of Christ is life to us! What a wonderful Saviour Christ is! Twelve of our congregation sat around the Lord’s table.
We had a very encouraging time when several ministers visited us recently. Revs. W. Macleod and H. Woods from our own denomination ministered amongst us. It was a brilliant time and our people were fed by their preaching. Rev. J.J. Lim from Singapore and Rev. R. Bala from New Zealand also ministered to us, which again was a very blessed time. Personally, I found it a time of refreshment.
Our Sabbath School ministry is going well. On occasions our numbers are down for various reasons, but the teachers are working hard and also visit the children’s families too.
By the grace of God, our Bible School ministry (Seminary) is also going well. Some of our students are facing a lot of problems in their respective congregations because of the truth. Some of them are from Charismatic backgrounds, and when they come to understand the Bible’s teaching on certain matters their churches persecute them. Two men were thrown out from their charges and they are now worshipping with us.
Mission in Mullaitheevu
As a result of one initial contact through a church member, we have commenced a mission work in Mullaitheevu. The family there had shown a spiritual interest to learn about Christ and as a result we started a Bible study at their home for five months. During this time we discovered that there was no doctrinally sound church in this place and a lot of people lived in the area. This district was, and is, badly affected by the civil war. It was as a result of a prayerful consideration of these facts that we decided to start a mission in this place.

Mullaitheevu Preaching Station Group Outside

We currently rent a house for the mission work, which is very convenient for people to come to worship. A family which regularly worships with us live in the house to look after it and the land. God willing, we hope to commence regular worship at 11.00am each Lord’s day from 7 June.

We had the opening worship service on 2 June 2015 at 4.30pm and it was a very blessed time. We invited our friends and neighbours; and around 130 people came to the service, which was a very big encouragement for us. God is very good to us!
Mercy ministry: Our mission is one not only of the preaching and teaching of the Word, but also of a practical nature.
As you all will be aware God commands us to help the needy.
God has opened doors to us in certain ways to help with education, those who are vulnerable, the poor and needy. The support with which Christian Ceylon Care (CCC) provides us to assist us with this ministry is unspeakable. They are not only supporting the practical mercy ministry but also helping the spiritual ministry too. It has given our church a great opportunity to be a witness for Christ’s love and compassion towards all His creation.
Thanks to our Almighty God for His protection and perfect will.
Thanks to our Kirk Session for guidance in the way of God.
Thanks to all who are holding us in your prayers; please continue to remember us.
Thanks to CCC, who provide most of the financial support for the practical work.
Thanks to the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) who meet some of our mission’s practical needs and all of our family’s need.
Thanks to all who personally remember us in a practical manner. May the Lord bless you, according to His own good will.
Prayer Requests:
Pray for our Mission that we may see many converts and be strengthened spiritually.
Pray for the Minister that he may be given God’s wisdom to pastor and preach.
Pray for our various practical ministerial that they may bear much fruit and be blessed with God’s protection.
Pray for our children’s ministry that the children and their families may be converted.
Pray for our Seminary that it might produce students who understand and accept sound doctrine and are zealous in the work.
Pray for those who have been thrown out from the Charismatic church as a result of them coming to holding Biblical teachings about Christianity.
Pray for Godly men for His ministry.
“For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.”
Thank you Servant of God in Sri Lanka

Mullaitheevu Preaching Station Group Inside