New Book on the life of Rev James MacGregor

Date: Thursday, 07 April 2016
Author: Rev John W Keddie

A new book on the life of Rev James MacGregor, preacher, theologian and defender of the faith has just been published.

This is an illustrated biography of 19th century Free Church Minister and College Professor, James MacGregor (1829-1894), a Gaelic speaking native from Callander (Perthshire). It traces MacGregor’s career from his early days in Callander through his University and divinity training experiences and his ministries in the Free Church. Appointed Professor of Systematic Theology in New College, Edinburgh (1868) he later immigrated to New Zealand (1881) where he exercised a ministry in Oamaru on the South Island till his death in 1894. A fundamentally conservative theologian, he was not without his erratic side. His story is a fascinating one, sympathetically told after much careful research.

The author is a retired minister in the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) and serves as Principal and lecturer in Church History at the Free Church (Continuing) Seminary located in Inverness.

Printed by Lulu ( Available on the Lulu website, and on Amazon etc.

This is a paperback volume of 214 pages and will cost £9.00 (plus postage) from internet websites, or £9 including postage from the author:

Rev John W Keddie
19 Newton Park
Inverness shire

(Tel. 01463 831896)