New Minister And Congregation For FCC

Date: Monday, 26 May 2014

The General Assembly had before it an application from the Rev E Trevor Kirkland to be admitted as a minister. Mr Kirkland's application was unanimously accepted along with an application from his congregation, Ballyclare & Doagh in Northern Ireland.  Mr. Kirkland was the pastor of Templepatrick Reformed Church for many years but over a period of time he and many of the congregation came to embrace the Westminster Confession of Faith as their doctrinal position.  This has led to the formation of the Ballyclare & Doagh congregation. The separation from his former congregation was amicable. One of Mr Kirkland's former elders wrote a letter in support of his former pastor.

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Mr.Kirkland is well know among FCC congregations having preached in several of our pulpits. He is a regular attender and contributor to the annual Free Church School in Theology and is a member of the General Committee of the Trinitarian Bible Society.

He is pictured being welcomed into our denomination by Moderator Rev Allan Murray.

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