New Premises Secured

Date: Friday, 30 May 2014
Author: Rev William B Scott

We are delighted to report that new premises in Bilbao for one of the three parts of the congregation of the Rev Dr Jorge Ruiz (the other two parts meet in Miranda de Ebro and North of Barcelona) have been secured.  The congregation move into this wonderful provision of God on the first Lord's Day in June.

New premises in Bilbao 1

On Saturday the 28th they are looking forward to the first baptisms in Terrassa, North of Barcelona.  This is the third part of the congregation, some six hours drive from where Pastor Ruiz lives.

Now that our brother is on his own he must register the congregation as a new church to comply with Spanish law.   A new legal constitution has been compiled from the Confession of Faith and from our own "Blue Book" which sets out the practice of our Church.  This has involved considerable work.  The other two ministers of the denomination he belonged to have separated themselves from him because of his stand for the full Westminster Confession of Faith.  They cannot agree to exclusive Psalm singing without instruments. This also means that all support has been withdrawn.

new premises in Bilbao 2

The Scotts, God willing leave on Wednesday 4th June, with two very large and heavy boxes of good books in Spanish which have been kindly and thoughtfully gifted by the Banner of Truth Trust to be distributed to pastors and students for the ministry.  These books printed by the Banner include such authors as JC Ryle, Hodge, McCheyne and Gurnall.

ScottsJorge14 05 21 109

(The brethren may remember that Rev Ruiz, pictured with Bill and Isobel Scott, attended and addressed the recent General Assembly.)