New Psalmody CD Released

Date: Friday, 23 May 2014
Author: Mrs Isobel Scott

The Special Committee on Psalmody of the Free Church (Continuing) released Volume 10 of their Psalm Singing series, Worthy to be Praised at the General Assembly. This double CD continues to support the 12 year teaching programme that has been produced by the Church. The "Listening Disc" has 12 Psalm portions sung unaccompanied. Many people enjoy listening to unaccompanied Psalm singing in harmony and this recording has been lovingly prepared by people in the pew. It is hoped that the CD would be an aid to devotion and as an encouragement to praise. With their focus on God's grace in the gospel of His Son and their richness in Christian experience, the Book of Psalms has provided a truly catholic manual of praise which spans the ages.

The 2nd disc is a teaching one, with the aim of assisting people to learn to sing in harmony. Each of the 12 tunes and the other 3 parts are all sung in sol-fa. Those with no knowledge of Sol fa just need to hum along with the singing. For those who are willing to learn new tunes and learn the parts, this CD should prove helpful.

All 10 volumes of the series may be bought online at or ordered through the Clerk to the Psalmody Committee This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for £8 + p&p: May God use it for His glory and may He who is worthy to be praised be honoured by many making melody in their hearts to the Lord.