New Publication

Date: Monday, 05 June 2017
Author: Rev David M Blunt

The Publications Committee has issued another title in the ‘Finding out about...’ series, which is designed to provide biblical teaching on a range of subjects of importance to today’s church. The title of the new booklet is 'Presbyterianism' and it has been written by Rev. David Blunt.

In this 28 page booklet Mr Blunt considers six principles of church government taught in Scripture. In his introduction he states:

“What is ‘presbyterianism’? The term may refer to a branch of Protestantism which has spread to various parts of the world since the Reformation. Presbyterianism had its modern beginning in Geneva under John Calvin in 1541, and established itself in Scotland in 1560 following John Knox’s return from Geneva after several years in the city. In subsequent centuries it advanced through Scottish emigration, particularly to Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In more recent times presbyterianism has grown through missionary effort, notably in Korea and several countries in South America. Historically certain doctrines, forms of worship and other practices have distinguished presbyterian churches from other churches. 

There is a narrower meaning to the term however. ‘Presbyterianism’ denotes a form of church government. If a church calls itself ‘Presbyterian’ it is declaring something about how it is organised. It is a church governed by ‘presbyters’. The word derives from the Greek noun presbuteros, which means ‘elder’, and so essentially presbyterianism is government by elders.

We shall endeavour to show that the presbyterian form of church government is the form taught in the Scriptures, and therefore the form which ought to be adopted by the church generally. ”

David Blunt was ordained to the ministry in 2000 and inducted as an Evangelist/Church Planter based in Aberdeen. He was translated to North Uist & Grimsay in 2007.


The price of the booklet is £2.00 each for 1-9 copies and £1.50 each for 10 or more copies (inc. p&p).

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